Fresh out of the Oven

Jolyanne Du Cap | Julie Savage

We are both graphic artist fresh out of Collège Ahuntsic (Montréal, Canada).
Jolyanne is focusing on branding, Julie’s passion is web design. Although we both are versatile and we can do everything related to graphic arts.

We are based around Montréal, but we don’t mind doing some international work!

In time, we have a dream of making space in our studio for students and paid internship. As we used to be students ourselfs, we thought that would be a great way to contribute to our community. Graphic arts students don’t often have the opportunity to work in the field and we’d like to change that!

Friends and partners in “crime”, Jolyanne and Julie are there for your needs! Please give us a shot!
Look for our contact info on the contact page, our e-mails are displayed there.